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What is a virtual telephone number, you might ask? Well, simply a telephone number that is reachable from all over the world, just like any traditional number tied to your landline or mobile phone, but with the difference that you can choose to forward incoming calls to either Skype, Google Talk, a Voice-over-IP provider of your choice, a custom SIP destination or to any landline or mobile number worldwide.

Among 2500 applicants globalnumbers was voted into the Top 20 list of the most innovative telecommunications solutions of 2017.


Why would you want a virtual telephone number might be your next question. Basically, to save money on international calls. Let us explain how, and also give you some other good reasons for your own virtual number:


  • Family and friends: Have some folks abroad? Get a virtual number in their country or city and have them call you for free (or really cheap). Read more.

  • Business: Increase your international presence and get a virtual number in the country of your customers and business partners. Read more.

  • Privacy: Ad in a newspaper? Registered at a dating site? Protect your privacy with a virtual number. Read more.

  • Traveling: When you're abroad simply save on roaming costs with a virtual number in your home country. Read more.


And remember: forwarding your calls to Skype, Google Talk, a VoIP provider of your choice or to a SIP destination is completely FREE! If you have any questions please always feel free to get in touch with us, and we'll get back to you immediately.


How it works:

Order your virtual number.
Choose where to forward incoming calls to: Skype, VoIP or any mobile or landline number worldwide.
Receive calls for free (or really cheap)!



globalnumbers Virtual PBX was voted as one of the best telecommunications solutions of 2017

October 20th 2017:

INNOVATIONSPREIS IT & IT Bestenliste (German "IT top list"): After global ... read more


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